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About Colorado Choice Distributors


Our Founder

James Raulerson founded Colorado Choice Distributors nearly 20 years ago in November of 1990 with the desire to distribute the highest quality
wholesale steak, poultry, seafood, and pork at a family-friendly price. These strong values coupled with his dedication to giving the absolute
best customer service has made Colorado Choice Distributors the #1 distributor in the nation of six pack variety meat products. Today, we service
over 80 metropolitan areas across the United States. Colorado Choice Distributors’ goal is to continue supplying the highest quality
six pack variety meats at the lowest possible costs while putting you first.


History of Colorado Choice Distributors

Colorado Choice Distributors began its existence in the year 1990 as a one man operation supplying six pack variety cases to a single metropolitan area. During its first five years in the business, Colorado Choice Distributors expanded to over 300 representatives, supplying variety pack cases to over six states. Everything was going great for Colorado Choice. They were at the top of their game.

However, in the summer of 1996, the CEO and founder of Colorado Choice Distributors, James L. Raulerson Jr., made a decision to take the company in a whole new direction. He felt that since Colorado Choice Distributors had become one of the highest volume producers in the nation, it would give them the "buying power" to be more than competitive as a wholesale distributor.

Since making that decision in 1996, by supplying the highest quality product in the six pack industry and at the lowest prices, and by giving superior customer service, Colorado Choice Distributors has become the Nations' #1 distributor.